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The Steward

Donna Janssen - Kirby Estate

Sustainable Forestry - This American Land

FSTOA Members Highlighted -

Stacy Locke and Donna Janssen

Domtar's use of Drones in Forestry

FSTOA utilizing drones for more effecient land management 

My trip to a Sustainable Tree Farm - FSC Certification

"I recently went to Arkansas to explore a family-owned sustainable tree farm with Bounty Paper Towels, Charmin, Domtar Paper, FSC, WWF, the Rainforest Alliance, and the Arbour Day Foundation to learn all about responsible forestry. It was an enlightening experience and I certainly will be looking for the FSC logo on products that I purchase...knowing that these products were produced with sustainable management practices that will help to keep our forests thriving for generations to come." Bella

National Geographic - Responsible Sourcing

Witness how one woman keeps her family’s legacy alive by providing responsibly-sourced raw materials for paper products.